Considering a career in real estate and joining our team?  There are just a few things you should know...


We can't solve the world's problems for you, won't pay a signing bonus for joining our team, and don't require you to sign a contract to stay.  We don't promise leads, make special deals, or promise you that this indistry is an easy one to succeed in.



We are a LOCAL, independent real estate brokerage focused on supporting agents and providing the greatest hands on training and support in the area.  We are committed to growing agent careers, playing on a level playing field, treating agents fairly, giving back to our local communities, and fostering great relationships along the way. 

  • WE'RE DIFFERENT. Our DNA is  different. Our ‘who, what, why and how’ are different.
  • WE'LL NEVER adhere to the ‘bigger is better’ concept regarding agent count that many brokerages follow. We prefer QUALITY over QUANTITY and know that who we are in business with is what our    reputation is built upon and ultimately sets us apart.
  • WE'RE HANDS-ON, support, & education based brokerage with over 110 years of combined real estate experience within our support team. We house some of the most seasoned leaders and agents in the industry, from local, state, and national committee appointments, who are committed to training and helping agents, with no question too small.
  • ACCORDING TO OUR AGENTS, our 24/7 accessibility and assistance, is the largest  differentiator  between ourselves and other brokerages. It’s pretty simple: We’re here when they need us, we do what we say and say what we do.
  • WE'RE COMMITTED to building and giving back to our local communities. We believe decisions should be made here, not in corporate headquarters elsewhere. We recognize the importance of   personal relationships and firmly believe that being based locally, matters. 
  • WE BELIEVE that success is aided by being in a supportive environment and part of something you believe in.  We believe in our agents and they believe in us. We share profits directly with our agents and operate on a level playing field, with the same commission model for all agents, with no special deals or lofty promises. Check us out.  Read our story. Reach out to any of our agent partners and ask them for yourself.

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR for more support or simply have questions, we’d love to grab lunch or a cup of coffee.  You’ll find that we’re low-pressure/low-key, because ultimately you have to believe in the vision to see the value.  If you want to have an honest conversation about what makes us different, we’d love to give you a glimpse of whether we would be a great fit for your business. 

AFTER ALL... life is a journey, and you hold the map.


If you would like more information about joining the Turn Key Realty Group Team, text or call 717.495.9258, or click here to submit a request form for additional information.


Careers in Real Estate

Careers in Real Estate
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